The Bloom

Sanjay Kasliwal is pleased to share the creation of Bloom, a new collection that came into conception through sketches found in the late designer’s office. His children, Shalini and Samir Kasliwal, partnered to bring Bloom to life; the duo finished several drawings left uncompleted by Mr. Kasliwal and sourced all of the exquisite stones used in his final designs.

Bloom is reminiscent of iconic Jaipur elements such as the city’s vibrant colors and intricate architecture mirrored with the wild nature of Rajasthan. Mozambican rubies, Zambian emeralds, Sri Lankan sapphires, and Tahitian pearls are magnificently highlighted throughout this spectacular collection.

“Crafting a jewel is a ritual of beauty and dedication. It is an architectural exercise meant to last forever.”

Sanjay Kasliwal

“I use to sit down with my brother observing the available rough and from there we discuss together which stones will go in each collection.
The designs very often start from the need to create something around an exceptional stone rather than creating a design and then looking for the stones.”

Shalini Kasliwal

"My sense of aesthetic is strongly influenced by other eras. I am very passionate about the Art Deco period when European Aesthetic blended with Indian jewels. I must say Bloom is a beautiful outcome of these cultures."

Samir Kasliwal

“Bloom exactly represent what nature means to me: harmony of shapes and symphony of colors.”

Shalini Kasliwal

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