Born to a rare family of aesthetes, Sanjay Kasliwal's devotion to creating jewelry of the most exquisite craftsmanship was intertwined with his family's legacy as the legendary jewelers for the Mughal Empire of the XVI Century.

Sanjay was a seventh-generation owner and jeweler of the famed Gem Palace. Growing up in Jaipur, he spent countless hours in the workshops, observing skilled artisans as they sat cross-legged

on the floor and turned dusty stones into polished, vibrant gems. Mastering this art himself, he also developed an acute sense for discerning the most precious stones.

In 2014, Sanjay Kasliwal opened his eponymous boutique in New York City on Madison Avenue and brought the magic of the Gem Palace to the U.S. After Sanjay's passing in 2019, his daughter, Shalini Kasliwal took over the company as CEO.

“Crafting a jewel is a ritual of beauty and dedication. It is an architectural exercise meant to last forever.”

Sanjay Kasliwal